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ghetto_toez's Journal

*******the humor that hears us out*******
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A community for posting links to bizarre websites, maintained by your crew, resident pyromaniac, palefire, and the boy who's always dripping with cool, wellspring. If you enjoy weird/unconventional humor, you'll love you some ghetto toez!

To get a taste of our humor, try on Jeff McDonald's Art House for size, where amongst the music video goodness you can find the potato princess of proto post punk power pop, Jan Terri (and also Sandy Kane the stripper with her special rendition of Laura Branigan's "Gloria"):



Post links at your own risk!!! ghetto_toez is proud to present the "Toez Rating System," which isn't very serious, though it sounds very serious. It is all in good fun! Anyway, every link posted will receive a toez rating, from one to five toez. If you get five toez, you are in the five toez club, which has no special significance. Just enjoy the personal satisfaction of knowing you got all your toez.

For more information about "Toez Rating System," click here.

This community is proud to be a non-PC zone.
Yes. That is politically correct we are talking about, not personal computers.