А вы хотите зарабатывать с блога?

Всем привет!

Недавно заметил в блоге Игоря Бигдана рекламный баннер, где он предлагает рекламу в своем блоге. И тоже задумался над тем, как бы получить хотя бы небольшую копеечку со своего увлечения.

Наткнулся на форуме блоггеров http://www.bloggers.su/forum/ на раздел о монетизации блогов http://www.bloggers.su/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=29, там обсуждаются многие вопросы, смысл которых мне непонятен. Тем не менее, некоторые из участников озвучивали цифры, и у некоторых якобы доход с блога был такой, что с основной работы можно было уйти... я бы тоже так хотел...

Особенно заинтересовала тема: Как начать зарабатывать на блоге? В ней новичкам, в т.ч. и мне, объясняют как найти рекламодателей для блога, какими способами вообще можно заработать... короче интересно блин и перспективно, как мне кажется.

А вы что думаете об этом?

New Blog

Hey Everyone...

I know ghetto toez has been dead for quite some time, but I just started up a blog dedicated to weird random things, and some things not quite so weird. I thought some of you might like it, so I'm posting the link here:

Mars Poetica

Hair Models Needed for Civello Apprentice

Are you in need of a new cut, colour or just want a decent blowdry and can't afford salon prices?!

I'm currently in the Civello Apprenticeship Program and I'm always seeking out new hair models:
All hair lengths and types welcome!

*All treatments are conducted under close observation by a certified Aveda colour technician or stylist.

The nitty gritty details:
- All services are performed at Civello Salon|Spa located at 269 Queen St W
- You must be available on Mondays between the hours of 10am-4pm

Please contact me directly to arrange an appointment at your earliest convenience.


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The Puppethouse outlines the early history of Ron and Joan Field's puppets. The pictures on this site are pretty interesting, from the naked puppets swinging back and forth oddly resembling mass hanging victims, to drunken clowns. You can even watch a freakish - albeit, short - video of a puppet Alice in Wonderland, where you can barely discern some high-pitched puppet voice proclaiming, "That's pleasurable!!" (Excuse me, but I don't think that was in the original text). Click the link at the beginning of the entry to have a puppet house party.

Oh no, you've drank all the wine again, Mr. McDonald!
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Hey there all, your mod coquettish here letting you know I've done the rename token thing and changed my name to palefire. Just an FYI.

This community's been pretty dead lately, but we'll work on reviving it. I'm happy to see we still have a good amount of members and not too many of you have moved out of the ghetto just yet. ;)
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Protect our troops - from the womb to the war. What if the fetus you were going to abort would grow up to be a soldier bringing democracy to a godless dictatorship?

Plastic replica of an 11-12 week old fetus, 3" long, holding a firearm in its precious little hand, with an assortment of other military paraphernalia, encased in a translucent plastic ornament, with a patriotic yellow ribbon on top. Includes a metal ornament hanger. If only a womb were this safe, attractive and reasonably priced!

Show that you support the "culture of life" by buying and proudly displaying one of these patriotic unborn Americans.

I'm buying one in "white" and one in "brown." *j/k*
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I'm selling an orchestra ticket to the Tori Amos concert in Hartford, CT this Sunday, e-mail me at wintercherrytree@hotmail.com if you're interested.

I am also searching for an article about that Princeton student who cut off locks of Asian girls' hair and made shrines of them. Any links would be helpful.